envie3 is GROWING!

In 2024, you can rest easy with the new envie3 air-filled motor sensing options. Whether you need a chopper, non-clog, submersible, dry pit, horizontal, or vertical pump, envie3 has you covered with a versatile portfolio that will solve your needs and give you peace of mind.

Dependable & Rugged

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Crane Pumps & Systems introduces the envie3 series portfolio. This next generation of dry pit submersible pump can run in wet applications and in dry pits. These pumps took Barnes’ and Deming’s proven non-clog and chopper wet ends and outfitted it with a premium efficient/ IE3 motor that can run in both vertical and horizontal configurations. The envie3 is Barnes’ and Deming’s most versatile and efficient solution to date that will solve clogging problems in any application.

Now Available!

Elevate Your Pumping Game

Crane Pumps & Systems is thrilled to announce the launch of our latest innovation, the line extension on the envie3 high efficiency air-filled motor platform. Elevate your pumping experience with cutting-edge technology. Place your orders now to experience the future of efficiency and performance! First shipments begin in November 2023.

What's new?


This product will offer a new 12 inch hydraulic. This solids handling offering will have a 75HP 1150RPM or 60HP 850RPM motor.


Extensive sensing package brings peace of mind to pump operation with winding protection, seal failure sensing, bearing temperature sensors and vibration sensors.


The same features that you know and love from our envie3 line: patented open center cutter design, lower motor operating temperature, IE3 rated motor for better energy costs, and more.

Our Features

Why Choose envie3?

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Longer Motor Life

The integrated cooling system keeps the motor cooler leading to an overall extended pump life.

Lower Minimum Submergence

For both installation types, water can be pumped down to the top of the volute saving time, money, and resources. 

Manufactured in the USA

Uses non-proprietary, widely available seals and bearings, which leads to lower cost and lower lead time for repair parts.

Flood Proof Design

The ability to run both submerged and unsubmerged eliminates the problems that flooding can cause NEMA motors.


High Temperature

Rated for 60°C (140°F) Fluid and Ambient Temperature


Envie3 high efficiency air-filled motors come without application limitations. This next generation of dry pit submersible pump can run in wet applications and in dry pits. These pumps took Barnes’ and Deming’s proven non-clog and chopper wet ends, and outfitted them with a Premium Efficient/IE3, high temperature capable motor that can run in both vertical and horizontal configurations.

HT E21 Barnes

High Temperature Applications


Food Processing

Metal Processing


Pulp & Paper


How did envie3 come to be?




Launch of the Non-Clog Line that is named the SH (Barnes) and Demersible (Deming) Product Families.



Launch of the Chopper Line that is named the Sithe (Barnes) and 7366 (Deming) Product Families.



Launch of the envie3 motor that utilizes Barnes and Deming's non-clog and chopper wet ends.

More Info

Get a behind the scenes perspective of the product development from the project manager on the envie3 line. 

Name Breakdown

Introduced in October of 2020, the envie3 brand can essentially be broken down into two pieces, both of which center around the efficiency of the product platform.


Solids Handling and Configuration Options

Take The Weight Off Your Shoulders

The largest problem customers face in the new age of the modern waste stream is clogging of pumps and downstream piping. With the envie3's proven non-clog or chopper wet ends, this problem is alleviated.

The configuration flexibility of the envie3, combined with the slotted ANSI flange that can adapt to DN and ISO flanges, and the wide variety of mounting accessories, allows it to be easily installed and retrofitted into almost any application.

With the envie3 you won't have to settle for system that doesn't fit your needs. 

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